Image: Noora Karjalainen




Maria Punkkinen is a Finnish designer and a visual artisan specialized in ceramics. She was born in countryside of South east Finland and is currently based in Helsinki. Her background is in fine arts and she holds a BA in Design. Punkkinen is currently enrolled as a master student in Contemporary Design in Aalto University.


I’m intrigued by human minds, how they work and what kind of stories they have to tell – whether the stories are real or fantasy. My inspiration lies in twisted details, shadows and light and the perfection of imperfection.

I’m an artist and a designer. The core of my work is intuition. The shape of the idea comes alive through random sketching, throwing, meditation or reading. I embrace the beauty of organic materials and a slowness of a ceramic process. I’m interested in the combination of two- and three- dimensional worlds. I create lively surfaces, unique translucent sculptures and objects for everyday use.